AOMG- Sign Here Episode 2 Album

AOMG- Sign Here Episode 2 Album

Sign Here Episode 2

sign here aomg

Sign Here album for the second episode 2 is finally released! I know that it has been a while since I am updating albums or any songs in recent weeks, but life has been tough! So today, we are going to look upon the Sign Here Episode 2 album!

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If you want to check out the Sign Here Episode 1 is here, I have to say that I really love the show, despite I’m really in love with Show Me the Money who just recently finished their eight’s season.

01. 살아있네 (Prod. GRAY) (Sara it né) – GRAY (그레이) X 오사마리 X 니화 (NiiHWA) X 블랙나인 (BLACK NINE)

02. 무릉도원 (feat. 우원재) (Prod. KHYO) (Temple) – 우원재 X 돕덕 (Dope’Doug) X 최진호 (BlueWhale) X 소주보이

03. SMILE (feat. 보이비) (Prod. WOOGIE) – MELOH

04. 이랴 (Prod. HOLYDAY) (Giddy Up) – 오사마리

AOMG- Sign Here Episode 2 AlbumI think the track is pretty well maintained that perfect with the AOMG’s image that seems to have rebelled and a fierce hip-hop vibes. The track also featured Black Nine and one of my favourites contestants of the season, NiiHwa.

I think my favourite track for this second album episode got to be track no 03. SMILE (feat. 보이비) (Prod. WOOGIE) – MELOH. I personally think it just fits my personality at the moment.

Let us know which one is your favourite(s) from this second episode of AOMG’s Sign Here.

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