Joe Rhee debuted under the name of VINCE

Vince ‘맨날 (Feat. Okasian)’ Mennal.png

VINCE who previously going by the name Joe Rhee, is one of the most talented BLACK LABEL producers. VINCE finally released the single featuring Okasian titled Mennal or Everyday.

VINCE is a talented artist, he is the guy behind the success of BLACKPINK, WINNER, and iKon. Once again, VINCE showed the fans that he is more than just a producer who captivates the fans through his writings, but he is a talented singer/rapper.

Previously other than Mennal, VINCE has collaborated with San-E and other Korean recording artists. VINCE also one of the writers behind the hit single, Gashina by Sunmi back in 2017.

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Mennal or Everyday sounded a sexy after-party anthem, Teddy as the founder of the recording house makes no mistake by signing VINCE. Okaisan rap gives the song Mennal a unique tone, previously Okaisan was signed into Paloalto’s record label.

Wishing all the best for the success of VINCE, and the other artists of BLACK LABEL including Zion.T, Okaisian and SOMI. Hopefully, we are able to see more of BLACK LABEL artists coming in the future. It’s been a rough year for all YG Family, but I am sure that the public is actually loving the YG Family’s songs.


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