SMTM 8 Final | Show Me the Money 8

SMTM 8 | Show Me the Money 8

SMTM 8 Final: Punchnello as a winner

SMTM 8 Episode 5

Since the beginning of the show, I really enjoyed the performance from BGM-v Crew. Firstly because of the team that composed of Bewhy, Millic, Verbal Jint, and Giriboy. I would say Bewhy really survived the “talent show syndrome” where Bewhy is still able to rise up even higher with his artistry. And we are here at the final of Show Me the Money 8.

Got to say that most of his famous songs are coming from Show Me the Money series, either is on season 5, and season 7 as a featured artist for Superbee. The fact that both contestants from BGM-v Crew, Young B and Punchnello reached the final it’s proof that BGM-v Crew is not only able to put an amazing performance but as producers.

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I feel like Punchnello is able to put a different performance each time, and the fact that actually he already has such an amazing career, I really hope the best after the SMTM 8 Final. I have to say that season 8 is probably the best season right after SMTM season 5. So yeah, let me know what do you guys think about the show, Show Me the Money?


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