Jessi Who Dat B | 2019

Jessi Who Dat B | 2019

Jessi Who Dat B

who dat b jessi.jpg

Jessi who signed with Psy’s label P Nation recently released Who Dat B. On this Who Dat B track, Jessi also collaborated with Brian Lee, the person behind Post Malone’s Goodbyes and Blackpink’s Don’t Know What to Do.

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Who Dat B Jessi.png

As usual, Jesi slayed the track Who Dat B that oozed the charisma or the South Korean rapper. Jessi is known for her girl crush image, and with the new agency, I feel like she got more supports that she deserved.

Who Dat B is a track that got so much power, the aesthetic wise is different from SSENUNNI. I feel like the production side was super amazing, especially Psy was one of the guys that open K-Pop into the larger stage. Everyone should not forget the Gangnam Style song that made the K-wave bigger. And through YG I feel like Psy also able to bridge connections with songwriters.

who dat b jessi

Overall Jessi slayed the song Who Dat B, and check it out for more!

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