UVERWorld Chance! | 2006

UVERWorld Chance! | 2006

uverworld chance.jpg

In 2006, I was in primary 1 and UVERWorld, J-Pop still dominating the world. I would remember that every Sunday I’m going to sit down and wait for Bleach. UVERWorld released the album Chance! and you might check it out on Spotify!

I would like to say that in the early 2000s the rock, and rap, that was brought by Mike Shinoda, and Linkin Park is really playing a huge part in J-Rock industry, that’s the reason why you can hear a lot of raps on some of their songs.

I would like to just reminds you guys, that before there are social media, I really enjoy watching Sunday’s anime, and listening to their soundtracks! Although the Japanese music industry does not really care about the views, their music is awesome.


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Obviously from this Chance! album, D-TecnoLife is probably the most renown song from all, with its a powerful rock song, with the amazing rap. But their opening single Chance! is not bad either. Here in Australia, you can’t listen to the whole song through Spotify, but I am sure that you are able to open it in Indonesia, or anywhere else in part of this world.

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