Queendom 2nd Preliminary Round 2

Queendom 2nd Preliminary Round 2

Queendom by Mnet


In the second round of Queendom Preliminary round, (G)IDLE covering  2NE1‘s FIRE. It was the song that was assigned by Park Bom. However, I don’t think they are really going for it.

It was something that was not new, although I really expecting more from (G)IDLE. But thank for keeping them alive, and climbing the charts through FIRE.  I really think that voting is a bit ridiculous from Mnet. Firstly, because I think girls should have their every other back, not pushing each other.


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It was surprising for me that Soyeon from (G)IDLE didn’t touch a significant different to FIRE. TEDDY is an amazing writer, he wrote iKON, BIGBANG, 2NE1, and BLACKPINK’s songs. And I feel like TEDDY embodied the lyrics to a specific group.

However, I could not lie that Mnet’s shows are really addictive, thanks to Queendom, each girl groups are having something new for their fans. However, I think every group did their best, and indeed it is hard to cover songs that are not even yours.

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