Zayvo Collection | 2019

Zayvo Collection | 2019

Zayvo Collection | 2019

Zayvo by YGX

Zayvo Collection.png

Zayvo recently released his own album through YG Entertainment subsidiary, YGX. Zayvo’s album is titled Collection. The collection has 8 tracks which will help you to take your resting time a good spending time.

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If you haven’t heard Zayvo’s name, he was recently participating on Jinu’s solo that also envolved Song Mino.  I think the idea of the chill infused of R&B is really perfect if you are a fan of Crush, and DEAN, I would like to recommend Zayvo’s Collection for you guys.

I am totally aware that the situation that Yang Hyunsuk currently facing is not easy, but once again YG Entertainment proofing themselves that their artists are just not in the “popular” industry but in the indie scene.

I personally think that Zayvo’s Collection album is filled with amazing songs, and they are very refreshing. Zayvo also collaborated with Choice 37, the guy behind BigBang, and 2NE1 songs.

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I think one word for Zayvo’s Collection, you don’t have to understand Korean in order to fall in love with the songs, but just feel it!  Let us know about what do you guys think!

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