Confession+Resurrection Jaeson Ma |2013

Confession+Resurrection Jaeson Ma

Confession+Resurrection – Jaeson Ma

Confession+Resurrection Jaeson Ma .jpeg

Jaeson Ma is the co-founder of the major label that is the house for the artists like NIKI, Rich Brian, Joji, and Higher Brothers. Lately, I am trying to stop labelling rappers of having a Christian rap. Firstly because music is a general language, the purpose is to share the love.  In 2013, Jaeson Ma released the album titled Confession + Resurrection.

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And I think when someone is being open up their faith, it is such an amazing feeling, simply because it’s like a living example to other people. Confession + Resurrection also featured artist like Jennifer Chung.

The problem with me is that I always looking for a new way to reach for the unreachable, and through my experiences, I was reached by Christ through people that made music. This is where I am going to share my little experience.

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Growing up, in the conservative family it’s a bit hard to spoke out loud about what I disagree with. I have difficulties in accepting myself, and even communicating with others. People like Bewhy, to Jeason Ma, is really reaching me out through their music.

I guess the inspiration from Confession + Resurrection is about showing your experience in Christ through your life. It’s definitely tough for younger generations to deal with anxiety or depression. Firstly because in Asian countries, depression is being seen as unreal.

But the truth is, depression is real, and the only way to get it out is through having support like praying groups. I could only say from the perspective of a Christian because I am a Christian. But if you have a different belief, try to look for a support group.

I really recommended this Confession + Resurrection album by Jaeson Ma, it might give you a new idea for your local praise and worship centre. I would recommend for a similar artist like David Famous.

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