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I came across David Famous through Kanye Sunday Service’s post.  People might be hating Kanye through the media that portrayed him as his antics. However, through the Kanye Sunday Service itself, there is the youth that turning themselves to church for various reasons.

David Famous is part of the Elevation Church in the US. He is part of the youth team, that I was not mistaken. But David Famous’ performance that put the resemblance to Kanye Sunday Service was for Free Chapel’s service. While there is a debate whether a gospel song should have an upbeat song or not, but I think ever gospel song should come from the heart, and people should stop judging each other.


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Here I am not trying to say that every church should be like Kanye West, or need to have a worship leader(s) like David Famous. But I think the essence of understanding the youth crisis. Most churches are having a mask that is too unreachable to the depression kids, and I would like to tell you that it’s ok to be not ok. And it’s important to share with your youth group if you are going to church.

Before we are moving further, David Famous is also followed by the famous Indonesian musician Dipha Barus. Be There in Ten is an album by David Famous, and people can check it out on Spotify.

Be There in Ten 

Be There in Ten by David FamousDavid Famous is pretty opened up about the depression, the anxiety that he faced, and I think through songs we can reach out to the people that unreachable. I think that the album Be There in Ten by David Famous needs more appreciation. Coming from Florida, I guess David Famous really showed his art and his faith.

It might be 2 different things, but being opened up about your faith in your life, and how it’s affecting your life, it’s an important thing to do! We also discussed the rapper Flame who puts out his faith and music together.

Bigger Picture and Joy Ride

For his newer EP, Bigger Picture David Famous is still had his faith involved within his music. Some of the songs are plotting his way to make music as a career. If you know Bewhy, the South Korean rapper also did the same thing to reveal his faith and music.

But check it out, for David Famous’ releases, I think his music needs more a fair attention! He really deserved it.

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