Top Boy Soundtrack by OVO | 2019

Top Boy 2019

Soundtrack List from Top Boy

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As it is confirmed by Versus, and HipHop DX, the Netflix series Top Boy is getting their own soundtrack from Drake’s label OVO. The album soundtrack features artists like Giggs, Dave and more from London/British rap industry.

Top Boy was originally revived by the Canadian rapper, Drake. Top Boy itself is a series that centred the Black community in England. There are so many racisms based series that includes When They See Us All.  But I think the idea of accepting other minorities culture is important for anyone.

I think the original idea was creative and super relatable to young generations. But I hope this will be another step for anyone to be more open about minorities issues. I think there are other representations like Asians that are not being represented enough to the public. Some artists like Riz Ahmed and Rich Brian has been quietly spoken about it yet, but it’s still not enough. As society needs more information from young generations, to be more open-minded.

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Most of the songs are new, like God’s Eye by Dave is probably my favourite. My Town from Baka Not Nice also featured on this Top Boy soundtrack. Riding On E by Nafe Smallz also part of the original song for Top Boy. To put it short, be sure to check on the series! Top Boy is a series that based on the street life, of the cold London town!

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