Queendom 2nd Preliminary Performances

Queendom 2nd Preliminary Performances



Queendom excites the fans with the performances from each artists covering each other’s song. Park Bom who has 2 comebacks in 2019, with Spring, and 4:44 within few months showing her voice through G(I)DLE’s HANN, while AOA and Mamamoo, covering each other on the third episode of Queendom.


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In the episode, Miyeon showed her gratitude towards Park Bom, Miyeon herself was part of YG Entertainment trainees back then. While on this episode Park Bom brought Cheetah, who showcased her raps. The idea of the second preliminary was to having different concepts.

As much as I am not a fan of Mnet, their shows like Unpretty Rapstar, Show Me the Money, has brought the new life of an artists life. For example like Bewhy, Song Minho, and Bobby. So despite the love and hate relationship of Mnet, and the other kpop fans they are giving Park Bom a “new comeback” at least.

But for now, AOA showing the new face, by being different and bold rather than a sexy concept, Mamamoo showing another face of becoming sexy divas. While Park Bom, she always excites the fans. park bom queendom.jpg

One thing that is unfair about Queendom, is actually the voting, every Park Bom’s videos are charting, and got the most views, however it is just ridiculous to see her be at the bottom two. The international fans are not able to vote, and Park Bom is the only soloist on the show.

But once again, Park Bom come back not to play, but for the new chapter as a singer. I have to say that every artist are successful in covering each other songs!


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