Rest In Peace Eyang BJ Habibie | 2019

Rest In Piece Eyang BJ Habibie

My Letter for Eyang BJ Habibie

BJ Habibie.jpg

BJ Habibie was our third President. He was one of the greatest leaders of Indonesia. There are students who are not wanted to come back for various reasons. However, looking at our great leaders like Eyang BJ Habibie, and Pak Jokowi actually giving me a glimpse of hope to come back home!

I may not be smart, however, I have a hope that Indonesia can be a better place for anyone to live. What I learned from Eyang BJ Habibie is about how open-minded he is. I was just few months old when Eyang BJ Habibie became our third President of the country, however what he accomplished will always be part of Indonesia.

Other than being a great leader BJ Habibie also showed people as a great husband and dad. He always expressed how much he loved Ibu Ainun, even after she passed, as I grow older their stories inspired the films, Habibie and Ainun. From that movie itself, I could tell that BJ Habibie showed his hard work, and how his beliefs guide him into the right path.

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Rest in peace Eyang BJ Habibie, we were blessed to have you as our President. I may never know you personally, however, your interviews really inspired me, as an Indonesian I am proud to be Indonesian, and you are always part of my inspirations.

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