Gundala Soundtrack | 2019

Gundala Original Motion Soundtrack

Gundala a film by Joko Anwar

Gundala Soundtrack review


As an Indonesian, I’ve been so proud of the production of Gundala, as one of the earliest superhero movies from Indonesia. This film is directed by Joko Anwar, a well-known movie director from Indonesia. He is the mastermind behinds of great movies like A Copy of My Mind and Pengabi Setan.

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Sadly I haven’t been back to Indonesia, and I’ve seen the reviews like Cinema Escapist, that Joko Anwar brought Indonesian mythology in this Gundala film. In addition to that, the original songs for this movie is really amazing! particularly the track Gundala!

The guys behind this track are Gheza Damar, GNTZ, and Mario Zwinkle, to know more about Indonesian Rapper you can check here. I totally impressed the way they really created this

Original Soundtrack Album for Gundala! There are so many talented Indonesian artists that need to be exposed, there are more talented hip-hop artists than Rich Brian that need to have more appreciation. Although I really think that Rich Brian and NIKI is such a dope people! (genuinely)

However,  this Gundala’s soundtrack is just a prove that Indonesia is filled with creative people, and I am sure that in the future Indonesia able to change the people’s mindset through music, and arts. Because simply through music and arts you can explore more culture, and appreciate diversities.

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I have to say that Joko Anwar is really put 100000 per cent on this work. In fact, this album also brought the band like Kotak, when I am growing up back in Indonesia I listened to a lot of Indonesian music, before they lost a certain confidence, and trying to be more Westernised, or having the ideology to be similar with K-Pop music.

But I really think the idea of having superheroes movie back in Indonesia will able to teach kids to be proud of their own country, Indonesia. Gundala is one of the few films that I would like to watch, and sadly at this moment, I am not in Indonesia. Despite that, the movie Dua Garis Biru in 2019 is one of the movies that I would like to watch,

To put it short I really love the album, let me know what do you guys think about Gundala and the soundtrack!  For more soundtrack review here! You can also leave me a message towards what the most interesting soundtracks from any movies, as long as they are containing hip-hop or R&B featured.

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