Hotel del Luna OST | 2019

Hotel del Luna OST | 2019

Hotel del Luna OST | 2019

hotel del luna ost.jpg

So Hotel Del Luna is coming to an end, I did watch a few episodes, with P.O. and IU as the cast members. IU also featured with the drama, Scarlet Heart which captivates the whole nations across the globe.

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I have to say that the drama (Hotel Del Luna) has a unique story, which is centred the story of a lost soul (in my opinion). I also believe the story that every human being need to finish up their work. It reminds me of Goblin story in which Eun Tak is belongedhotel del luna ost.gif to be with the Goblin.

The drama once again has Punch as their soundtrack singer, Punch herself already featured in so many drama soundtracks including Goblin, Fiery Priest, and It’s Okay That’s Love.  I also think Heize’s song Can You See My Heart is also such a nice song for the drama.

So, in that case, I have to say Punch’s Another Day, Love Deluna and Done For Me, have to be my favourite. Gummy also featured as the singer for this drama with Remember Me. Remember Me also the song that I love from the drama. I have to say that Hotel Del Luna has a decent soundtrack. I really have nothing bad to say about Hotel Del Luna’s soundtrack.

Above all don’t forget to let us know what is your favourite song from Hotel Del Luna soundtrack!

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