INTERSECTION First Album 2019

INTERSECTION First Album 2019

INTERSECTION, Intersection First Album 2019

intersection intersection album 2019.jpg

In 2019, the multi-culture group, Intersection released their first album titled Intersection. The songs are composed in Japanese and English. Although I wasn’t able to find any further pieces of information regarding their Intersection album, I am sure that you guys going to love this album!

Recently Intersection released the music video for Hot Water, I am sure that if you are a fan of Pretty Much,  you are going to love Intersection as much as I do. I personally think that the songs that they are approaching are more towards the Western market, but Intersection is also a relatively new boy group.

Their songs Body Language, and Who Do You Love are actually some of the best songs from their debut album. I personally Intersection needs more exposure, I mean their songs are amazing, and for the long run, their songs will able to stay in your playlist longer.

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I mean I’m pretty sure that Intersection is able to create their own market, considering how Kenshi Yonezu gets his hundred million views as a solo artist, I think it’s showing that Japanese market actually has a strong market for music. Hopefully, you guys are able to share your own thoughts about Intersection through the comment sections! I would like to know what do you guys think about the J-Pop music industry. I personally think they are a good market, and they are currently starting to evolving.

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