NAPPA by Crush

CRUSH released double singles with NAPPA in 2019

crush nappa.jpg

In 2019, CRUSH proclaimed that he is now signed to P Nation, the label that the legend Psy conducted after his contract with YG Entertainment ended. NAPPA is a double single by CRUSH that was being released through P Nation.

Crush himself also collaborated with Dynamic Duo for the single Blue alongside with SOLE. In which previously CRUSH was signed to Dynamic Duo’s label Amoeba Culture. In 2019, Crush also taking part for the FANXY CHILD‘s comeback with Y. On the collaboration with Dynamic Duo, SOLE’s voice is really captured my ear, definitely, I would recommend her, and BIBI.

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I really like NAPPA, because I think it was a super chill summery song, despite the meaning of 나빠 or NAPPA is bad. Considering it is summertime in Asia and most part of the world. I think it’s interesting to see Crush releasing NAPPA through a new agency, with a new journey for his journey.  It’s hard, but NAPPA is a very CRUSH’s song.

I think the song NAPPA is a bit sarcastic in a way, but I think it is a nice song, and it’s always good to see an amazing artist to go back to the scene. The other song Lookin 4, Crush collaborated with the talented Joyce Wrice and Devin Morrison. It’s a song that combines both Korean, and English at the same. I think Lookin 4 is my favourite song from these 2 songs.

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So let us know what’s your favourite Crush song.

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