A$AP Rocky – Babushka Boi |2019

A$AP Rocky – Babushka Boi |2019

Babushka Boi by A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky - Babushka Boi.jpg

A$AP Rocky recently dropped a new artistic song titled Babushka Boi. The Babushka itself is a headscarf that is worn by Russian women. Variety described the song as bizarre, indeed there are so many characters being shown on the music video.

However, based on the music perspective, I think the song is super great. It is part of A$AP Rocky’s next new album! So please check out more exciting news on Genius.com. I think in Babushka Boi itself Rocky talks about many things, from talking with fans to achieve their dreams through the lyrics:


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I would like to dedicate this to the scar on my face
In the stars on the globe, the world is yours, Scarface

I guess a lot of rappers have to try to chase their dreams no matter where they are coming from, and I think everyone should do the same thing. No matter where are you from, I think you should never stop to chase your dreams. I really feel bad on whatever Rocky experienced earlier this month. I really hope that all the things that happened regarding race, and social status will be decreased as time goes by!

Anyhow, this is going to be A$AP Rocky’s first video after the incident back in Sweden earlier this month. Can’t wait for the next album, and before you leave, check out A$AP Ferg’s Floor Seats!


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