Cuco Para Mi | 2019

Cuco Para Mi | 2019

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Cuco is a Mexican-American singer-songwriter from California. Reminder, if you are Joji’s fan, then you should check him out, you might want to check Sen Morimoto as well.

Cuco is a name given by his mum, according to On this Para Mi album, Bossa No Sé is a song that inspired by a break-up. It was inspired Cuco to get over with that someone, Bossa No Sé itself is translated to I Don’t Know from Spanish. He also provides collaboration with Jean Carter.

Lovetripper from this album actually reminds me of Dancing in the Dark by Joji. The same feels and vibes are equally filled with vulnerability. I think it was the biggest reason for being a fan of Lovetripper.

Most of his music is jazz, which I think it could be the best album to connect the Millenials with their parents. But I think Bossa No Sé is definitely my favourite from this Para Mi album. Para Mi itself is translated to For Me in English.

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