Kojey Radical In Gods Body | 2017

Kojey Radical In Gods Body | 2017

Kojey Radical In Gods Body.png

Kojey Radical is one of the coolest British rappers. Kojey Radical has collaborated with Jay Prince in the past. For the album In Gods Body Kojey Radical opened up to Clash Music to discuss with his album. 

The album talks about a very relatable journey as an artist who try to make it in the music industry.  It makes sense as the last second track of this album is Icarus. Dummy also described this In Gods Body by Kojey Radical as  “anthems to attempt to deconstruct the politics of black identity, race and the world’s many injustices.”


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There are so many injustices happening in the world. It’s not only about black people being treated differently. But for example in Indonesia racism issues are happening within each race in Indonesia. The idea of being superior from each other is what’s actually disturbing, and it is able to divide a nation.

The thing I really appreciate that Kojey is very well-spoken for it, we need to raise a voice to let others understand the danger of injustices towards a certain race, or any identities in the world. Not only for black people but for Asian and any communities.

With Utopia, Kojey Radical explained the journey of his career in the music industry. What I like about the songs from Kojey Radical is that he also cooperates rap music with classic instruments.

But the album is also talking about the way Kojey Radical making his own music, from the Clash Music quotes;


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‘Love Intersection’ is the most reflective of my influences and music making processes. It was created as a live jam session and nearly everything was created on the spot Every time I hear this song it influences so much joy, so much movement in that I love watching people listen to it. – Kojey Radical on Clash Music

So I think that is the idea of the whole body that is described as a whole art piece. But he also implemented the idea of Greek’s mythology Icarus, the son of craftsman Daedalus, the creator of the Labyrinth. As an artist, you need to have an amazing idea to portray in your mind.  So I guess that is my whole picture of Kojey Radical’s In Gods Body.

The closing of this album is very beautiful with a eulogy, so I really hope that Kojey will release his new project really soon.

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