SMTM 8 Episode 5

SMTM 8 Episode 5

SMTM 8 Episode 5 BGM-v Crew and 40 Crew

SMTM 8 Episode 5.png

I haven’t seen SMTM 8 so far, as I have been coped with university’s things to do. However, the Mnet YouTube dropped the two teams 40 Crew and BGM-v Crew music video. As you might know that I am Bewhy’s fan, so indeed you know which team that I was hoping to win. So for this episode 5 they released the music video that featured the rappers from both teams!

Dbo¬†is actually part of Bewhy’s team which made me more excited to see what he is doing next because I think he is a unique artist. I previously mentioned him on the thread SMTM777, Dbo also released a song through 88rising which you guys should check!

And to be fair, Dbo really cool with ALL PASS from all the producers! so stay tuned for more unique posts on the blog!

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