GaIn Truth or Dare 2014

GaIn Truth or Dare 2014

Truth or Dare by GaIn

gain truth or dare.jpg

Today we are going to look forward to GaIn’s Truth or Dare EP, which was released back in 2014. GaIn is a member of Brown Eyed Girls, which they are known for the song Abracadabra.  Which I think GaIn’s songs are actually great! I think K-Pop music has grown in the past few years.

I always said that you should be proud of yourself if you have a certain body type, and even Lizzo also shares her confidence for having a curvy body, and you should be proud if you have an amazing (sexy) body type.

A lot of people are not confident enough with their body, but I think women are always not confident with any body types. It simply because of the judgement that people are getting through the years. So I think that is why GaIn is super amazing!

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In the song called Truth or Dare, GaIn takes aim to haters, and all to the entertainment reporters which I think it’s a cool thing as she stands out for herself. As you might know that women don’t have enough voices to aim back to the negative aspect that they were targetted. It’s the same case with Park Bom’s case where eventually she is brave to releases new music with Spring and 4:44.

She also aims back to the boys who always think that they are able to do anything and everything with girls through the song Fxxk You. The music video definitely excites the fans at that time, as GaIn was dating the actor Ju Ji Hoon. However, I think it was truly nobody’s business for celebrities personal life!

But I think my favourite song from this album got to be Q&A that featured Jo Kwon, I think the vocals are there, and I really love the beats, and the instruments from the song.


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