Dbo So Chill 2018

Dbo So Chill 2019

So Chill by Dbo

Dbo So Chill

Dbo So Chill.jpeg

Dbo which is now the current participant of Show Me the Money 8, also making his album in 2019 called So Chill. Dbo indeed is a unique artist, and I think he is not someone that afraid to be criticised by the public through his face.


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The fact that Dbo is Canadian making it super cool! as that it took me from the Wikipedia page. I think in my opinion It’s cool that Dbo is on Bewhy’s team, as during SMTM 5, Bewhy’s really stands out compare to anyone else. What I really love from this album (So Chill) is Peacock that featured ZENE THE ZILLA.

The song Peacock might be heard from the Episode 3 audition of SMTM 8, where Dbo received ALL PASS from the judges. Moreover despite I do have no idea on what is he saying, and I am not a fan of mumble raps, but I think Dbo is clearly know how to having fun with the stage.


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I linked everything down below! There are two collaborations with ZENE THE ZILLA on this album which you might like them both as much as I do. I think Big Bag is also another fun song from Dbo from this album (So Chill). What makes me realised that So Chill is the perfect definition of Dbo!

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