Missy Elliott Iconology | 2019

Missy Elliott Iconology | 2019

Missy Elliott Iconology EP

Iconology EP

Missy elliott iconology

Iconology is an EP that’s released by the American rapper, Missy Elliott. Missy Elliott has been going from K-Pop collaboration with G-Dragon to The Greatest Showman Reimagined.  Missy Elliott also making an appearance on Lizzo’s album.


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Missy Elliott also released a music video for Throw It Back, this time around Missy Elliott is going for girl power! Also, Missy Elliott is a game-changer in the female rapper industry, before Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B making it big in the game.

I really love the song Throw It Back, I really think it was full of swag, but DripDemeanor also another song that stands out on this EP, and I think I love it because it has the R&B vibes at the same time!

And I think if you want to listen Missy’s singing voice is on the song Why I Still Love You, which I think is a very sassy song! I think it’s been a while since I’m listening to Missy Elliott’s song. Back in the day music was not accessible enough as today, and I wasn’t exposed to a different kind of music too.


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 But overall I love Missy’s girl crush style!! Loving this Iconology EP!

Missy Elliott Iconology.jpg

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