Gun 샵건 | Lord 2019

Gun 샵건 | Lord 2019

Rapper #Gun released Lord

Gun 샵건 | Lord 2019
Song Gun-Hee Instagram

Seems 2019 has been a busy year for Song Gun-hee or better known as #Gun. He is known as the Song Minho‘s cousin, but to be fair Gun-hee has his own artistry. You are able to see him as a mature artist from the show Show Me the Money Season 5.

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In my personal opinion, Gun-hee’s voice is changing, even the way he carrying his own self is a bit different. Perhaps the motivation to be confident about yourself is the key. I somehow love the song Lord that taking a video inside a church.

I feel like it’s somewhat really fit with my mood, but dark at the same time. Despite there is pro and cons in the hip-hop community in South Korea for being not authentic enough, but I think the South Korean hip-hop is really growing fast.

Gun-hee also releasing several songs in this year, including Aquarium where you can feel like you are suffocating but it’s not. It could be the picture of someone in society. Sometimes I feel like I am being trapped, but not physically trapped. For the record I linked all Gun-hee’s release in 2019 from Spotify below, so please check it out!


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