goldlink diaspora | 2019

goldlink diaspora

Diaspora by Goldlink

goldlink diaspora
goldlink diaspora

It’s a bit late to review the Goldlink’s Diaspora but better late than never! Goldlink released in album back on 11 June 2019. The album also featured different artists from different backgrounds, starting with Khalid to Jackson Wang, Goldlink has a long list of amazing artists.

Goldlink also collaborated with Jay Prince, and Tyler the Creator which was recommended by a friend of mine, to the amazing Pusha-T. Pitchfork described Goldlink’s album as a mix of hip-hop music to Afro-beats! Some of Afro-beats artists that you need to check are MHD, and WizKid (which he also featured on Diaspora album).

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Overall I think the album is a great mix from Western and East countries, it’s amazing to see Jackson Wang to be featured. There are still misconceptions of Asian artists in the industry, but it was amazing to see artists like Goldlink, and Dua Lipa (who collaborated with BLACKPINK for New Rules Album)

Overall I love the album, tracks that you need to look upon are!

  1. Days Like This
  2. Cokewhite
  3. No Lie
  4. Rumble

Don’t forget to let us know what is/are your favourite song(s) on the comment section!

goldlink diaspora.gif


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