Case Study 01 Daniel Caesar

Case Study 01 Daniel Caesar

Daniel Caesar-Case Study 01 Album

case study 01 daniel caesar.png

In 2019 Daniel Caesar released his album Case Study 01. Daniel Caesar has a beautiful mellow voice that I love, and I have stated in the old post about him! In this album, Daniel Caesar has few collaborations that include Pharrell Williams (he took part on Pikachu soundtrack this year!), Sean Leons and Jacob Collier.

The tracks that I would like to suggest to you are;

  • Love Again ft Brandy
  • Cyanide
  • Fontal Lobe Muzik
  • Are You OK?

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I guest in general, Daniel Ceasar is really putting an amazing body of work, the songs are done beautifully, and I think due to its beats, these songs/album will last for a very long time to your playlist!

Daniel Caesar also performed his music in Jimmy Kimmel Live, don’t forget to let us know which of the lists are your favourite song(s).


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