Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart Ryeo OST

Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart Ryeo OST

Scarlet Heart Ryeo OST

Moon Lovers - Scarlet Heart Ryeo OST .jpg

The OSTs from the drama, Scarlet Heart Ryeo were actually amazing. The drama starred IU, I didn’t watch the drama, as I was a bit late to become a total K-Pop fan, however I really in love with their original soundtracks. The drama has AKMU to EPIK HIGH, and Lee Hi to do their soundtracks which I think it was incredible.

Punch that also featured in Goblin, also making a soundtrack appearance, she also took part in the recent Fiery Priest! I really think that the South Korean dramas really elevate the aesthetic of the music and their own culture.

I find that the song by AKMU is really nice, as they combined rap music and folk at the same time. But Lee Hi, and EPIK HIGH collaboration was on point! The fact that the drama was taking a period era, the drama able to captivate the younger generations.

It was the drama that probably the I.O.I’s fans would remember as they were also taking part of the original soundtrack titled I Love, I Remember You. I just wanted to say that the soundtrack of this drama is amazing, I probably going to watch it soon 🙂

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