Children of the Sea Kenshi Yonezu 2019

Children of the Sea Kenshi Yonezu

Children of the Sea Kenshi Yonezu

Spirits of the Sea soundtrack for Children of the Sea by Kenshi Yonezu

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Have you guys listened to Kenshi Yonezu‘s song for Children of the Sea? If you haven’t watched the movie, please do watch it, it was an amazing movie. Kenshi Yonezu produced its main soundtrack titled 海の幽霊 or Spirits of the Sea.

It was a beautiful song, as you might know, that I am a fan of Kenshi Yonezu himself. It’s proof that without a big agency’s promotions Kenshi Yonezu managed to get 100 million views for his music videos.

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But most importantly that the song Spirits of the Sea is an emotional, and beautiful song. In my opinion, there are certain dubstep, and synth-pop, but some parts of the song also remind you of R&B music. But at the end of the day, Kenshi Yonezu has always produced the best song, the music video of the song also received more than 45 million views now!

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