The Fiery Priest OST | 2019

The Fiery Priest OST

The Fiery Priest

The Fiery Priest.png

The K-Drama soundtrack that I would like to suggest to you is from The Fiery Priest. Fiery Priest has some rock songs that I think you might love. However, since I am doing a hip-hop based blog the songs that I would like to suggest to you are based on hip-hop or R&B.

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Punch is back to share her voice with the soundtrack alongside MC Gree, the hip-hop artist that signed to Brand New Music. Previously Punch also lend her lovely voice for the Goblin soundtrack alongside Chanyeol.

But there is an artist called Chin Chilla that I think he raps in a very interesting way. He collaborated with Ga Eun. I did watch a few episodes of the drama, and I think it’s interesting to see another priest character with a unique personality. But I think those two songs are my favourite, but you are free to let me know any song(s) that you are in love with. All the songs are also on Spotify!

the fiery priest.gif

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