Rincon Sapiência | Galanga Livre

Rincon Sapiência | Galanga Livre

Galanga Livre by Rincon Sapiêcia

Rincon Sapiência | Galanga Livre.png

Today I would like to recommend you to Rincon Sapiência, a rapper from Brazil! He is a rapper that I recently listened to through Colors. If you know Afro rap, the style that Wiz Kid, and MHD brought to the scene you might love Rincon!


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It is the first time for me to listen to a Portuguese language rap but at the same time, it is very interesting because I got used to listening to Korean or Japanese songs that I don’t understand at the same time.

While I am listening to Rincon Sapiência’s Mundo Manicongo all I could know is that the song is fun to listen to, and it’s a festival song! While Ponta de Lança is a song that Rincon Sapiência’s song about street life in Brazil. The song included on his album titled Galanga Livre.

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However, from the titles of the songs of the album, I could say that the album is talking about humanity in Brazil. A lot of humane point of views are sometimes being discussed in a song, despite lacking understanding of the language, thanks to Google Translate I was able at least, guessing the meaning of the song. So at the end of the day, try to listen to him, trust me he is a good artist.

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