Rincon Sapiência | Galanga Livre

Rincon Sapiência | Galanga Livre

Galanga Livre by Rincon Sapiêcia

Rincon Sapiência | Galanga Livre.png

Today I would like to recommend you to Rincon Sapiência, a rapper from Brazil! He is a rapper that I recently listened to through Colors. If you know Afro rap, the style that Wiz Kid, and MHD brought to the scene you might love Rincon!

It is the first time for me to listen to a Portuguese language rap but at the same time, it is very interesting because I got used to listening to Korean or Japanese songs that I don’t understand at the same time.

While I am listening to Rincon Sapiência’s Mundo Manicongo all I could know is that the song is fun to listen to, and it’s a festival song! While Ponta de Lança is a song that Rincon Sapiência’s song about street life in Brazil. The song included on his album titled Galanga Livre.

However, from the titles of the songs of the album, I could say that the album is talking about humanity in Brazil. A lot of humane point of views are sometimes being discussed in a song, despite lacking understanding of the language, thanks to Google Translate I was able at least, guessing the meaning of the song. So at the end of the day, try to listen to him, trust me he is a good artist.

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