One Day by ONE |2017

One Day by ONE



Back in 2017 ONE or Jung Jae-won, 정제원 released his EP through YG Entertainment. In 2019, he decided not to prolong his contract with the agency, aka ONE left YG. ONE himself is famous for his Show Me the Money 5 appearance, where he gained so many attention.

But I have to say it was sad to see  ONE only has 2 songs from the agency. I was hoping to see more of ONE right after his EP One Day in 2017. With the help of iHwak and Cha Cha Malone, ONE also participated in writing the songs.

What makes me sad about it, is that I would like to see what’s coming from ONE as a YG artist, but sadly it was not happening. Despite that the songs from his EP are amazing, it’s a chill rap song, and both are cool.

On the other hand, in 2019, ONE made 2 mixtapes on Instagram, and both songs are showing a different type of rap compare to his 2017’s released. In the mixtape, you could hear ONE has faster rap, and more fierce. So not sure about what’s going to happen, but hopefully we are going to see ONE soon!

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