Andmesh Recommended Artist From Indonesia


Andmesh is one of the hottest Indonesian singers at the moment, his lovely voice able to gather the fans all over Indonesia, and one of his music video already surpassing 100 million views. There are currently a lot of Indonesian artists that on the rise including Afgan (DEKADE, SIDES), Stephanie Poetri, NIKI, Rich Brian and so many more.

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I personally in love with his soulful voice, and I think his choice of genre really fits with the current Indonesian Millenials type of song. Most of his songs are R&B songs which currently I really love to listen to.

He has not released any full album yet, so please check out his music videos that I linked down below, he also has Spotify, here. Most of his songs are filled with vulnerabilities which I think its a bit hard to explain, but at the same time, I really missed Indonesia so much.

If you listen to Hanya Rindu, which meant If Only I Miss You, it was such a good, song it’s my favourite among the three musicians that he has released by far! I guess the reason on why I feel connected to the music is because the lyrics remind me of home.

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