VIINI 권현빈, Kwon Hyun Bin | DIMENSION 2019

VIINI 권현빈, Kwon Hyun Bin | DIMENSION

Kwon Hyun Bin Debut DIMENSION

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Kwon Hyun Bin who goes by the stage name VIINI finally made a debut EP through DIMENSION that released on 19 August 2019. You might see him through Kwon Hyun Bin Begins that excites the fans since May 2019. Right after Lee Hi, and Jinu comeback as a solo artists.

GENIE is his main track for his debut EP, which I think it was a nice song, considering it’s his debut. Clearly, the YG Family fans are supporting Kwon Hyun Bin debut. I think some of the songs remind me of Song Minho‘s style of music. But it might be because they work with the same producer.

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kwon hyun bin VIINI.gifFans are actually able to notice the hints of Bittersweet through the series of Kwon Hyun Bin Begins. But I think you can see the reason you get the Song Minho’s vibes is that at the beginning you can see Kwon Hyun Bin practising with Song Minho’s song. Bittersweet is not a bad song either, it reminds me of Song Minho’s Body.

Bad, and Affection are nice songs as well, I think the fact that YG letting everyone out at the moment is really amazed the fans, firstly I think they are used to be a company that not letting the songs out easily. Second, they are really picky for artist selection.

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There is the image that derived from ‘bad boy’ image that I think the fans are loving it! But to be fair I think let’s just for the continuation of Kwon Hyun Bin release in the future. It was sad that ONE only got 2 songs release from YG, as I think it’s interesting to see different rappers in YG Entertainment.

But please let us know what do you think about the whole EP as well. We are waiting for Spotify! So I will update the page soon!

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VIINI 권현빈, Kwon Hyun Bin | DIMENSION 2019

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