Mabel High Expectations | 2019

Mabel High Expectations

Mabel OK to Tackle Mental Health Issue, in Album High Expectations

MABEL Released OK for High Expectations Album

Mabel High Expectations

Finally, MABEL is releasing her debut album called High Expectations.  In the previous post I really admire how amazing is Mabel’s voice. This time High Expectations, MABEL also collaborated with artists like Not3s, a British rapper, and Steflon Don, another British rapper that was part of the XXL Class of 2018.

MABEL came up with OK as her main single for the album. OK is focusing on the mental health issue faced by many other people. Sadly tons of people are actually not being opens up regarding the issues. I have to agree with DAZED, as OK is focusing on accepting yourself in so many ways!

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As the best thing to do in life to accepts yourself, and make a peace with it before you make peace with anything else in this world.

The album stuffed with 20 tracks which I think is super awesome, it is very up-to-day’s music style, a combination of dancehall, R&B and hip-hop music. I think the song I Belong to Me, is very empowering, as it is about yourself.

You need to take care of yourself above everything else, and it is not worth it to waste yourself upon someone that is not completely in love with you! High Expectations as the outro is also an amazing song. As people are living into certain expectations and goals, but above all, it’s also getting to know yourself.

So, songs that you need to check is

  • OK
  • I Belong to Me
  • High Expectations
  • Finders Keepers ft Kojo Funds



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