AFGAN | SIDES | 2016


SIDES by Afgan


Sides is an album by Indonesian singer and song-writer AFGAN. It’s his fourth album in his career. The song also featured artists like Yura Yunita, Rayi Putra, and SonaOne from Malaysia. And you might know that earlier two weeks ago, Afgan decided to go for a hiatus right after his Jakarta concert.

Afgan has a long career of 11 years in the music industry of Indonesia. Afgan is one of the singers that I listen to since I was a kid (I am a 20-year-old girl now!). I think SIDES is my favourite album from him!

There are so many R&B artists from Indonesia that need more loves from the people, these days people are moving towards music that is not coming from Indonesia.

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X is probably my favourite song from this album, according to the description of the process of creating the song is pretty quick, as SonaOne and Afgan have known each other for a while.

But the song of Berani Sadari which Afgan collaborated with Rayi Putra and Yura Yunita has a different concept of X, while X is being more melancholic that Berani Sadari. Berani Sadari has a cheerful that might brightens your day up!

Overall it is such a great album so please check it out too!

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