Dekade by Afgan


Afgan who flourished Indonesian music charts in nearly 11 years releasing his Dekade album in 2018. The album also featured his record singles like Sadis, and Bukan Cinta Biasa.

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However not only that I think Afgan keeps on experimenting with his music style as he collaborated with artists like Ramengvrl, for the song Take Me Back. I think Ramengvrl’s energetic rap style really fits the song Take Me Back. Some of the songs from Dekade album is part of the album SIDES that was released back in 2016.

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Sadis was really a hit song when I was a kid in Indonesia. It was great to see how people are still appreciating Indonesian music that needs to be more appreciated. Sudah (Done) was also an amazing song from this album. I feel like Afgan’s songs are the best for the galau (despair) generations who were just being broken-hearted.

Clearly, I have nothing much to say about this album, I think the existence of Afgan as a solo artist in Indonesia really show that he really able to produced Indonesian music at its best quality. Despite a lot of younger Indonesian Millenials are shifting their music into Western music, or the K-Pop culture.

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So please check out the album, as Afgan is going for hiatus for new ideas! Definitely, as a fan, I am going to wait for the next comeback!!!

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