The Call 2

The Call 2

The Call 2 by Mnet


In 2018, Mnet created a show called The Call which gathered numerous attention from the public eyes. The show conducted various collaborations that later will be released on music streaming online.

In the previous season, they also featured some hip-hop artists like Bewhy and Crush. However, they also bring some new faces like DinDin. Ha Dong Kyun also appears in this music variety show. UV also part of the show, and previously I really stated that I am a fan of Joo Se-Yeon’s voice.

But before making an amazing collaborative project, each artist will go into an audition similar to what happened in The Voice. Hui, from Pentagon who covered Blackpink’s Kill This Love, is really surprising me, he changes the composition into an amazing R&B song. Hui quickly grabbed the attention of the fans all over the internet since then.


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