Our World Redeemed | Flame| 2008

Our World Redeemed | Flame

Our World Redeemed |an album by FLAME

Our World Redeemed | Flame.jpg

So Our World Redeemed is an album by the artist FLAME who just settled the Katy Perry’s plagiarism recently. I would like to say that I think it will be interesting to look upon FLAME’s album that was released in 2008. I would like to discuss this Christian Hip-Hop by FLAME. 

I think FLAME is an interesting artist, and I think some people have a misconception about religious songs because I think people are able to listen to any music what they want. From Katy Perry’s case, we can learn that inspirations can come from anywhere. You can check for more FLAME music on Spotify.


FLAME is not afraid to speak about his faith, he told in an interview with 100huntley that he has been sharing the gospel in his youth group through rap music.

FLAME is also opening up about coming up from a background with violence, but his grandma told him to repent to God. FLAME also collaborated with NF, and Lecrae.


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I think the album of Our World Redeemed is taking the perspective of God saving the world, and FLAME is preaching the world through his music. The song Funeral to Birthday is explaining that in the desperation of life, God is there to listen. FLAME is taking a reference from 2 Corinthians 1: 3-4.

FLAME also praising God’s name in Power In Your Name, if you know there is a song called How Great is Our God, so in my opinion, I guess it was the same meaning of the song, however, FLAME is taking it into another style. FLAME discussing weariness, and all the worry.


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FLAME also discussing the second coming of God, on the track 2nd Coming. I think it is interesting to see an artist like FLAME really brave to speak about the bible in the music world. I really appreciate how FLAME is being open up about his own experience.

And lastly, the Joyful Noise that rising back to the media right after the plagiarism issues. I think it is an amazing, and unique song to be a gospel song. But in my opinion, people are connected to the gospel through a different kind of experience.

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