Happy Endings With An Asterisk | August 08

Happy Endings With An Asterisk | August 08

Happy Endings With An Asterisk

Happy Endings With An Asterisk.jpg

In 2019 August 08 released his EP titled Happy Endings With Asterisk, as in 2018 he released his EP titled Father. With his single Simple Pleasure, that was released back in May, we finally able to listen to the whole EP.


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“but at the end of the day there’s always going to be something bad that happens because that’s natural. As you grow, there’s always something that slows down your journey that teaches you how to move forward — that’s why I came up with the title and that’s the vibe.” – August 08 on The Fader

The Fader implies that finally August 08 found his own happiness.  But he also explained that it is part of growing up. On my previous posts, I have said this many times, that I really love August 08’s vulnerability voice. I think there are certain emotions that you are able to get from his voice.


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Luckily through the informations, I got from The Fader that August 08 is actually part of Red Bull Records, and 88rising at the same time? but I need some clearance explanations here.

To begin with this EP (Happy Endings With An Asterisk) has a lot of amazing songs with 6 songs I think it is a decent EP, with featuring artists like WYNNE, Duckwrth, Goldlink, and Smino. Good Girls definitely the favourite here, it was a super chill song, and Civilized is also my other favourite song from this EP.  Don’t forget to let us know what do you think about this EP, and let us know what is your favourite song(s).

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