EXO-SC What a Life | 2019

EXO-SC What a Life | 2019

Sehun, Chanyeol for EXO-SC What a Life

EXO-SC What a Life
EXO-SC What a Life

Last I listened to EXO’s Don’t Mess Up My Tempo, which I think it’s awesome. They reminded me of Super Junior D&E which I think more focus on the genre of R&B and hip-hop. In 2019, EXO SC (Sehun and Chanyeol) finally releasing their EP What A Life. 


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Although I am probably so late to reviewing What A Life, but I will still do it because I think the EP was great.

The track also featured Gaeko, and GRAY also participating in writing the song. I could say that it’s nice seeing the duo together, because in a group with so many people on it, for me it’s hard to understand the meaning behind the songs.

I am impressed that Sehun and Chanyeol also participating in this EXO-SC duo in writings and compositions. I think overall the songs are depicting as a young people who just want to live out the best of their life.

Aside from What a Life, EXO-SC also released a romantic song called Closer to You, which also helped by the Rhythm Power on writing their lyrics. I really think that the fans are really getting crazy for this song as well.

Whereas Just Us 2, is a song about having fun, to be honest, I never really heard Sehun rap, and I think he really has a decent amount for this EP, which I think I really love this duo. I think I would like to recommend this EP for those who already misjudge EXO or any boy groups.

So enjoy the EP, and don’t forget to let us know what do you think about the EP!


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