A$AP Ferg | Floor Seats | 2019

A$AP Ferg | Floor Seats

Floor Seats

A$AP Ferg | Floor Seats.png

A$AP Ferg recently released Floor Seats, an album in 2019. You might know that A$AP Ferg is part of A$AP Mob. The EP also featured numerous artists including A$AP Rocky.


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I personally love the album, despite I always said I don’t like a hype song. The track Floor Seats has an interesting sound which I think it’s super fun, the music video also featured some of his friends from Harlem, which he talks about it. From my impression, A$AP Ferg showing what he really is, that he owns all the successful things that people might only have been be dreaming of.

While on the Pups track which featured A$AP Rocky, I think overall it was a fun track that featured your friend. As there is a reference to dawg or dog, that also could be used as a close friend or best friend. I also hope everything will be found with A$AP Rocky.


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A$AP Ferg also has Asian Doll, as his featured artist, if you can think of Cardi B, then I think you might love the track Wigs, I think overall this EP has some amazing tracks for your parties. Hummer Limo is another track that you might love it, if you are someone who loves to flex around.

I guess the album has a nice build-up, starting it up with a hard party anthem with Floor Seats, and ended it up with Dreams, Fairytales, Fantasies that featured Brent Faiyaz, and Salaam Remi. At first, you might hear them like The Weeknd‘s voice, but it is not.


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But just want to say it really worth it to check out this EP, and let us know what do you think about it.

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