Dreamville | Revenge of the Dreamers III

Dreamville | Revenge of the Dreamers III

Dreamville | Revenge of the Dreamers III

Dreamville | Revenge of the Dreamers III .jpg

In 2019, J.Cole, and his crew Dreamville released an album called Revenge of the Dreamers III. Which I think is a super amazing collectic album. The album featured artists like Ari Lennox, and JID. People who signed into Dreamville Records, and anyone that chosen by J. Cole.


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Recently they also released the music video for Sacrifices. Aside from Sacrifices, I also fall in love with the track Under the Sun, Self Love, and more. Under the Sun actually also featured Kendrick, as you might hear his unique voice!

The album is filled up with 18 tracks that I think is really amazing before the album was dropped J.Cole twitted;

Revenge album dropping [tonight]. Know that this album represents community and the unheard unsung artist that fight and bleed daily to be felt. There will be someone you never heard of on this album. Look them up and support them if they resonate with you. A follow goes a long way. Same goes for the producers that go unheard and make beats all day every day hoping to cut through. To the producers and artists that came through but didn’t make the album, you are there in spirit. Thank you for your presence, the energy of those sessions was the most magical. Thank you to Every artist on Dreamville for allowing me to be a part of your journey and in turn inspiring me and making me proud constantly. I’m proud of y’all for this album

Pitchfork also praised their work to be an amazing collaborative project, and I couldn’t agree more. Please let us know what do you guys think about this album? let us know!

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