UV | Joo Se-Yoon and Muzie

Yoo Se-yoon and Muzie

Yoo Se-yoon and Muzie | UV

UV | Joo Se-Yoon and Muzie
UV | Joo Se-Yoon and Muzie

Muzie and Yoo Se-yoon is actually part of the duo UV. Most people might know them because they are super funny. However, based on the music that I’ve been listening to, Muzie and Yoo Se-yoon actually have some amazing music to date.

If you ever know The Lonely Island, UV is similar to the group of The Lonely Island. Making some music, but based on comedy. UV even collaborated with Johan Kim, the R&B singer from South Korea.

Some of their songs are really good, and I love Muzie’s voice. UV previously also collaborated on SM Station, and I think they are the best description to have fun, and serious at the same time. On the other hand, Muzie’s soulful voice is actually really on point!

I take a look on I Can’t Let You Go, and Sindorim, both are such amazing songs. I know that music industry fans have been shifted. But I would recommend Muzie’s solo songs for you guys. Muzie also collaborated with the talented XQ, he is another talented singer as well.


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