JINU – ‘또또또 Call Anytime (Feat.MINO) | 2019

JINU – ‘또또또 (Feat.MINO) | 2019

JINU Call Anytime

Jinu Call Anytime

JINU – ‘또또또 (Feat.MINO)

JINU Call Anytime
JINU Call Anytime

Jinu’s (‘또또또) Heyday is finally here. With the idea to have Song Minho, who previously released XX, to keep the YG image is somehow explainable but in a smart way. With Jinu’s calmness, it was able to balance the rap from Song Minho.


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JINU Call Anytime
JINU Call Anytime

Jinu is able to exude the solo artist that he should be. This solo song is exciding my expectation because I thought Jinu will go for a sweet pop song. However, I am pretty satisfied with the song because I feel touched when Jinu said he wanted to be remembered more than just a pretty face.

Often with Winner especially people tend to focus only with Song Minho. However, Jinu really amazed me with the solo song. Although he didn’t write his own song just yet, Jinu is always being the black goat.  On an interview that quoted from Soompi, he discussed how it was making the song without the guidance from YG who left the agency.

The idea of not having the YG style is so much tight with Kim Jinwoo, but I think my idea of YG Family is always having an R&B or hip-hop songs, which I think R&B is really fitted Jinwoo style of music. He might look so pretty, but at least he shuts the haters. I have to be honest that the song was super cute, but it wasn’t that cheesy cute. It still has the YG vibes.


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Let us know what do you think on this song, and check out WINNER’s WE!

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