Jacob Banks | Village

Jacob Banks | Village

Village by Jacob Banks

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Hi everyone as I stumbling upon YouTube, I found Jacob Banks’ Chainsmoking which I think is super incredible. It turns out that it is part of his album Village. In my opinion, Jacob Banks’ voice is really strong and soulful. I would like to recommend to people who love Rag’n’ Bone Man.

Jacob Banks
Jacob Banks through Instagram

The whole album was described by The Guardian, as daring fusions.  Which I could not agree more. Born in Nigeria and raised in Birmingham I think Jacob Banks is such a talented artist that needs to get more love.


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Jacob Banks was actually part of Fifty Shades of Grey’s soundtrack. However, we are going to look forward to his Village album.

I’ve got plenty of suggestions for songs that you need to check, as follows:

  • Chainsmoking
  • Love Ain’t Enough
  • Prosescco
  • Slow Up
  • Be Good To Me
  • Unknown (To You)
  • Peace of Mind

In my opinion, his songs are filled with strong emotions and vulnerabilities which might connect to the listeners stronger. I would like to say that the songs are actually perfect for your chill time moments and reading a book. But, most of the songs are talking about the hardship of relationships. But I think overall it’s a great album.

Jacob Banks has tons of music videos that you guys are able to check out on his YouTube channel. Don’t forget to let us know what’s your favourite song(s), on the comment section below~


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