3K | Open For Business + Don’t Panic EP

3K Open For Business  + Don’t Panic EP

Open For Business+Don’t Panic EP

cred to 3K Instagram

There is a hip-hop music group in Melbourne called 3K, they are just a few of the most talented people in Melbourne, Australia.  They have released EP Don’t Panic in 2018, and I think they are incredible. They released Open For Business in 2019, as another EP.


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3K Members
3K Members, from Instagram

3K is a hip-hop group that based in Melbourne, their members include Benny Lago, Moey Khalifa, Beluga, and Abed.


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The reason why I love 3K is that they are very authentic, and they are cool with their own style. It’s a bit hard to describe what is Melbourne music style, as I am not from Melbourne, but I feel they are not trying to be someone else.

By my means being “someone else” is that some rappers are trying to do things that other rappers in America are doing, from beats style into the way they are talking. But I think 3K is the underrated group that people needs to know.

Sitcom is my favourite song from this EP, the audiovisual from 3K is also satisfying too. They have another song like Chris Pratt (a reference to the Guardian of the Galaxy actor). I really would like to recommend people to listen to 3K, especially if you are a Brockhampton fan.

Open For Business
Open For Business

In 2019, 3K release another EP called Open For Business with a rapper Agung Mango. Which their lives performance I linked down below! To put it short, Open For Business EP did not disappoint at all, with 5 tracks in total, you can put them all in your playlist. As I think I love all of them, I just want to say that you need to put more love into them! They are such a talented hip-hop group.


Other Melbourne artist include Maya Hirasedo

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