Yuna Rogue | 2019

Yuna Rogue

Rogue by Yuna 2019


Yuna comes up with her album called Rogue in 2019, which I think showed what she is as a grown artist. The Malaysian singer was actually showing that she is a total global star, through her collaboration with artist like Usher, and more. Over the years, Yuna also one of the few R&B artists that really make it in the Western-dominated music charts.

On this particular album (Rogue), Yuna collaborated with some international artists across the globe, from America to Japan. She collaborated with the rapper, G-Eazy, Tyler the Creator, Jay Park, and the guitarist, Miyavi.

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Rogue has been charted on Billboard Hotseekers Ablum, which I think she needs more the love from the international fans. In my opinion, I think Yuna is pretty open-minded towards the set of collaborations as somehow her collaborations on this album (Rogue) showing that there are no boundaries in music.

I would say that overall this album is really satisfying, especially for those who are in love with a piece of R&B music. My favourite song has to be Teenage Heartbreak as Miyavi’s guitar strings are actually complimenting Yuna’s voice really well. So let me know what do you guys think about the album!

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