Drake Care Package 2019

Drake Care Package 2019

Care Package Review

Care Package
Care Package

Drake recently released his album in 2019 titled Care Package. Sorry for being MIA as uni started, and everything is just way to hectic, I also updating my IDN page, here for more Indonesian rapper.


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Care Package
Care Package

And obviously Drake’s fans are very happy to here that their favourite artist is finally back with another album, after scoring a successful album with Scorpion. Drake also released 2 singles after the NBA Finals, here.


Review from Pitchfork stated that Drake vulnerable songs that are supposed to released back in 2011-2016. I personally loving Trust Issues, as it is quiet ’emotional’ as usual. This time Drake also brought J.Cole to his album, which added more into the lists of J.Cole’s best collaborations.

What I love about the Care Package album is that the songs are still able during a chill moments. Drake also the perfect rapper to have the “singing rapping” style which I think made it more unique.

I think the idea to release the unreleased songs among all your careers is very important, because fans have been waiting for certain time, and maybe it could actually reducing a leaked song on the internet!

So in recap rom Care Package album you need to check out;

  1. Trust Issues
  2. I Get Lonely
  3. The Motion
  4. Dreams Money Can Buy

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