T-FIVE The OG of R&B Group of Indonesia | 2019


T-FIVE The Indonesian OG of R&B Group

Take a look on T-FIVE


A post from IDN TIMES, posted a group called T-FIVE, an R&B group based in Indonesia. IDN TIMES has been the platform that I am using at the moment to work with numerous editors from Indonesia. My page is here. So T-FIVE is one of the oldest boy group in Indonesia before the K-Wave actually coming. I have to say that T-FIVE might be the OG’s of the boy group in Indonesia, their style back then was influenced by New York’s hip-hop style.


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T-FIVE songs are mostly based on hip-hop, and R&B inspired music, until now, T-FIVE has been very productive on making their songs, including renewing some of their songs called Kau (You). It’s a love song that originally brought by T-FIVE back in 2003, now they renew the songs with more cheerful tempo. Their raps are written in pure Indonesian, which I think left a lot of their own originality rather than being overly westernised.

However in the last few years, with the growing numbers of new musicians in Indonesia, no one really knows who is T-FIVE. But I have to say that T-FIVE is a group that you guys need to check them out. I think they are very fast on adapting their new songs towards the new generations, they remind me of, Sechskies a group that Eun Ji Won is a part of.

So there you go check out this amazing group, and ask your mum and dad if they know them (only if you are an Indonesian). Let me know what do you guys think about T-FIVE on the comment section below, as I really appreciate it.

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