JunkieMunkie XoXo | 2019

JunkieMunkie XoXo

JunkieMunkie XoXo

JunkieMunkie’s XoXo New Album |JunkieMunkie XoXo

XoXo by JunkieMunkie |JunkieMunkie XoXo

JunkieMunkie XoXo
JunkieMunkie XoXo

JunkieMunkie is one of the most prominence Indonesian artists at the moment. JunkieMunkie recently released his album XoXo. Previously JunkieMunkie released the hot single call  My All (down below), that reminds me of DJ Khaled’s I’m The One. The F Thing, also praised Junkie Munkie’s for his creativity. JunkieMunkie himself also backed with his collective like Xzavian, and Blest Jones.

Based on The F Thing website, JunkieMunkie put some emotions and his own personal experience, which I think it is very important to show the connection from the art with the fans. As XoXo is his third album, I have to say that JunkieMunkie is growing as a DJ-Rapper profession.


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To be honest, the songs produced by Junkie Munkie is very well fitted towards the Indonesian’s millennials who love to listen to Western music. I have to be honest that this album is certainly better than before. This album is mellow, romantic, and I think this album is also perfect for those who love listening to R&B in general. The album is composed of R&B and hip-hop music, and yes Indonesia is filled up with very creative, young and talented musicians, if you love The Weeknd, I would like totally recommend this XoXo album for you guys!


For The Throne Game of Thrones Season 8 | Best in 2019

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